Fun with the Mid-Century everyman!

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Aluminum Car - detail from Science and Mechanics Magazine - October 1951
Sylvania Television 1955
Butterfly in His Space Helmet - detail from cover Collier’s Magazine April 18, 1953.
1964 World’s Fair
The Drive Home - Atlanta, Georgia - 1955
I was there!  Detail from 1964 World’s Fair souvenir decal.
Norelco Electronic Diorama - New York World’s Fair - 1964
1964 World’s Fair
1964 World’s Fair - detail from 1964 Pontiac Safari brochure.
1964 World’s Fair
Today marks the 50th Anniversary of the opening of the 1964 World’s Fair.
Liquid Refreshment

Since I’ve already shared the pretty wacky Arnold Stang track, I figured I’d take it one step further and share something so completely awful it’s utterly fantastic.  From Jerry Colonna’s 1954 album “Music? For Screaming!!!”

By request - from 1950!

One final Earth Day pic… detail from 1947 Shell ad, art by Frank Golden.