Fun with the Mid-Century everyman!

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Skilled Workers - detail from 1961 Philadelphia Electric ad.
The perfect prescription for a Tuesday…
Suburban Home - detail from 1953 National Homes ad.
Suburban Home - detail from 1956 National Homes ad.
Hit The Surf!
Giant Cup
Coffee Time - 1958.  You are seeing this correctly - a carbonated coffee flavored soft drink!  I can’t imagine why this never took off!
Coffee Cups - detail from 1961 Dixie Cup ad.
Coffee Commuter - detail from 1949 Chase & Sanborn ad.  Art by Frederick Siebel.
1953 Buick


"Summer Wind" - Sinatra: Best Of the Best (2011) - Frank Sinatra

This song always succeeds in putting a tear in my eye over Labor Day Weekend… I rank Labor Day up there with New Year’s Day as the saddest day of the year…  sure the weather may stay nice for a while and summer doesn’t officially end until mid September but it saddens me whenever summer unofficially comes to an end today.  This song will always be the ultimate summer send-off and I feel that even though it’s heartbreaking it finds a way to remain optimistically uplifting.

Labor Day Traffic - 1955
Airplane Assembly, art by A. Gonzalez - 1957


Going And Coming - art by Norman Rockwell