Fun with the Mid-Century everyman!

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Lightning Bug - detail from 1950s children’s record, “Larry the Lightning Bug.”
Catching Lightning Bugs, detail from July 30, 1955 New Yorker Magazine cover.
Styled for fun - powered to go!  1957 Chris Craft Continental

Still gives me goosebumps - a year later…


I was daydreaming about mahogany speedboats this evening and came across this Garwood, sporting a V-12 Rolls Royce engine… at :55 seconds you will hear a beautiful tune that actually gave me goosebumps.  I don’t usually post videos but this is wonderful.

Lunch Line
Carousel Cowboy
The Young Ones

Cliff Richard - The Young Ones - 1961


Cause we may not be the young ones very long. 
R.I.P Rik Mayall (1958-2014)

"And the grown-ups will say “But why are the kids crying?” And the kids will say “Haven’t you heard? Rik is dead! The People’s Poet is dead!”"

- RIP Rik Mayall (7 March 1958 – 9 June 2014)

(Source: laserscrewdriver)

RIP Rik Mayall (1958-2014)  As a kid of the eighties, the Young Ones was a defining part of my exposure to the world outside my suburban American door - I have fond memories of watching the Young Ones when they used to air on MTV at my cousin’s house in the summer… we’d spend all day swimming in the pool and all evening watching back to back episodes on VHS that they had recorded.  We didn’t fully understand all the humor due to the strong British accents and some of the jokes were obviously above our adolescent heads but we watched the Young Ones so much that we started to memorize every line.  Rik, Neil, Vivian and Mike were the British guys we wish we could know, no matter how unkempt and repulsive they appeared.  I’m going to crack out the Young One’s DVD box set tonight in honor of Rik Mayall and all the fond childhood summertime memories he had a part in creating.  RIP Rik Mayall… you will be missed.
Home Sweet Home