Fun with the Mid-Century everyman!

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Ballantine Ale, 1951.
Family Drive
The Great Outdoors - detail from 1958 Ethyl Gasoline ad.
Patio Furniture - 1949

I know that this is beyond the realm of what I usually cover but, it’s odd how songs you don’t ever think about get stuck in your head and won’t get the hell out!  I have been singing Crimson and Clover for two days now!

(Source: mesaxi)

File this under wacky… Japanese Beetles playing tennis… detail from 1958 Shell Chemicals ad.
Safeway Shoppers - 1965.
Swimming Pool - detail from 1946 Grace Lines ad.

Acker Bilk - Summer Set - 1959

Pepsi, 1959.
Summer Drive
A Summer Place, by Sloan Wilson, 1959 paperback.
High Dive, art by Norman Rockwell

Glow Worm Cha-Cha-Cha