Fun with the Mid-Century everyman!

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Okay my friends…

I brought this up a while back and now I’m addressing it again… tomorrow is the day for another dreaded haircut and I need some advice.  After a few lackluster cuts it’s time for me to gear-up and know what I’m going to be asking for when I throw my ass in the barber chair tomorrow.  Over the last couple weeks I’ve been watching a lot of Leave It To Beaver and I can’t help but admire Hugh Beaumont’s smooth suits and most importantly his kick-ass haircut!  Now here’s the question… how do I translate that cut into words that will result in the look I’m going for?  Do I need to find a 90 year old barber who knows the look or is this something pretty basic that any dude who is worth his weight in Barbacide should be able to pull off?  Advice?

Tennis & Beer - detail from 1950 Budweiser ad.
Bulldog - detail from 1947 Hollycourt Pipe ad.
Clean… means smooth!  Detail from 1947 Veedol Motor Oil ad.
Paperboy - detail from 1961 Goodyear Bicycle tire ad.
1961 Corvette
Supermarket Checkout
Mother’s Ingenuity - detail from 1943 Texaco ad.
Campbell’s Soup - 1951
"Remarkable Plastisol improves so many products it’s an industry itself!"  Detail from 1956 Firestone Versatile Vinyl Resins ad.
Dining Out
Harley Davidson - 1953
Busy Schedule - detail from 1953 Spry shortening ad.
1953 Ford